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Who we are?

Our team is sharp (precise) like a claw and strong as a rock. These two intertwined words represent our force and accuracy. To stick to our values we follow clear rules. We value solidity which in programming is kinda like dogma. This is a warranty that we don’t want people to buy „what” we do but „how” we do it.

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Magento, Shopify, Sylius, ORO

The World’s most popular eCommerce Platforms. Successfully integrates digital and physical shopping experiences, leaving customers delighted. Each also offers the large commerce marketplace for extensions or apps. All are similar (functions) yet different and suits to different business models.

Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon

World leading PHP frameworks used to create websites and web applications. Both are accessible, yet powerful, providing powerful tools needed for large, robust applications. Embracing and promoting professionalism, best practices, standardization and interoperability of applications.

ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.js

The most popular JavaScript frameworks. Very different and only a team of experienced developers are able to choose which framework will best suit your particular project. In case there is any doubt in deciding which framework will work best for your project, do not hesitate to contact us.