Chatbot is a software that can simulate a conversation with a customer in natural language or text interface through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the phone calls.

During conversation, chatbot returns a response based on input from a user. This process may look simple but in practice is quite complex. Every chatbot follows pre-created rules by which it communicates with users. Some chatbots also have artificial intelligence that allows them to go beyond the principles created by programmers and learn new ways of responding to questions and problems reported by users.

The list of functions that chatbot can perform in your company is long. Chatbot will work well in all company processes where the consumer wants to talk with your employees. These can be sales processes, after-sale service, information and selection of products or services, problem solving and customer support. For a better idea of ​​what chatbot can do, we present a list with selected functions:

  • Product selection advisage
  • Delivery tracking
  • Reporting a complaint
  • Information about products
  • Booking process
  • Answering frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Buying products and services directly in the chat window (just like buying a product via Call Center but without human intervention on the company's side)
  • Locating customer service points
  • Generating sales leads
  • Collecting information from the customer required to complete a service
  • Onboarding new customers

Benefits of Chatbots:

  • Always Available Customer Support - Consumers are expecting quick answers in order to save precious time. For basic requests, a properly implemented bot can help match these expectations by providing instant answers, 24/7. Bots can be programmed to forward more complex queries to a real person when a complicated action is needed. This allows customer service representatives to save time and assist more important cases rather than simple and time consuming tasks.
  • Reducing Costs - implementation of a fully functioning chatbot is much cheaper and faster than hiring and training employees or creating a cross platform application. Automated chatbots can handle many customers at once and simultaneously. By using chatbots you will not only save on employee costs but also avoid the problems caused by human errors. Chatbots are great solution for basic and repetitive tasks, due to great response speed, cost efficiency and simplicity of implementation, maintenance and use.
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction - Humans react to others based on their mood and emotions. Customer satisfaction is then dependent on employee’s mood and attitude, whereas chatbots always treat a customer in the most polite and perfect way no matter how rough the customer acts.