We started cooperation with Historia.net, because the client did not have a fully working Magento project. Previous Magento agencies were not able to complete the project which did not meet the expectations of the client and did not work properly. At first the client wanted to repair only the most important aspects that did not work. We conducted an audit and informed the client that the current solutions will not work as expected by the client. We proposed to build a project from scratch. In the new project, we decided to use only the old layout, which required several corrections. The main steps are outlined below:

1. Audit, analysis and decision to build project from scratch
2. Import 1.5 million products and update 50,000 products daily
3. A lot of optimization and new URL rewrite
4. Maintenance and adding new features

Innovative solutions

Configurable products with over 16k options

Displaying configurable product with over 16k options in Magento is not acceptable from the customer point of view. Client came with idea how to make it easier and we decided to build a "date finder". We have limited browsing all enormously configurable products to two steps. Please check it [here]

URL Rewrite

Default Magento URL was unacceptably slow. We decided to write a new URL rewrite adjusted to huge number of products. We implemented redirects similar to Magento which are 10x faster. Now Historia.net website with over 1.5M products don’t even require FPC.

Constant import

The next big challenge was constant import up to 70,000 products per day (including import of new products). We have significantly rebuilt reindexing to handle such a large number of updates. The client has no delays longer than a few minutes.

DB Optimization

At the beginning, the database had more than 200 GB. The client required a fast TTFB and a quick admin panel. We had to analyze all the bottlenecks in a database and be very careful about the optimization. One index in the wrong place could destroy website performance.

Responsive Web Design

Improvements, improvements, improvements

As we mentioned at the beginning client came to us with already created „project”. Working on new layout wasn’t an option. We don’t have a time for this. We took current layout and focused on RWD. After a lot of adjustments website is looking good on mobile devices.