eCommerce Services

We focus on services tailored to every aspect of your digital business to be successful. Each company requires an individual approach and a real partner who will not only do what he will be asked for, but will be a guide in a very complex and complicated digital space.

Full ecommerce implementations

Want to create a new store or remodel your current one? We can lead you through the whole process. Starting from research and discovery, through Agile development (SCRUM), data migration, smooth "go live" to maintaining and building a long-term strategy. Our diverse team will be very helpful at every turn. We will help you to adapt this process to your needs.

Ecommerce Strategy and Consulting

Each industry is different and has different types of customers. Our Solutions Specialist team will help you choose and optimize solutions that will increase your sales, improve your business operations and customer journey.


This approach to sales ensures trouble-free shopping, regardless of whether customers shop online via a desktop or mobile device, by phone or in a desktop store. The consumer has more options for shopping, but the company also has more options to reach the customer and influence his decisions. Learn more

Migrations - from Magento 1 or other platform

We can help you free yourself from outdated and/or limiting development opportunities of the eCommerce system. Over the past few years, we have successfully completed many migrations. Thanks to this, our clients not only could implement a new website design, but also increase sales.

Rescue mission and optimization

If you have invested a lot in your website and it is not online yet, and you do not even know if the current team will provide it, let our team get rid of this problem. We have helped many companies in such situations. Even in the worst situation, you can find a way out.

Code and security audits

If your website is not working properly, slowing down or has been hacked - ClawRock can help you find the source of the issue. We need only few days to be able to audit your website. Usually it takes just a few hours to find and delete all the malicious code.

Digital transformation - business on next level

We will help your company integrate digital technology with all areas of your business, which will lead to fundamental changes in the way of doing business and providing value to clients. We not only ensure that your company will succeed in technical but also strategic.

B2C Solutions

Both customers and industries require a slightly different approach to increasing sales. The most important thing is not to guess the implementation of all new functions, but to do it based on specific data and the use of A / B tests. Learn more

B2B Solutions

Special promotions and the ability to negotiate prices are not enough for B2B customers to buy on your website. You must have a good strategy to increase sales with these types of customers. Learn more


Choosing from among available solutions such as Cloud, dedicated hosting or shared hosting can be difficult, especially at the beginning, without actual data. Thanks to more than 40 completed projects, our recommendation will certainly be reliable and helpful.

Progressive Web Apps

PWA is another important aspect in eCommerce. It is an application similar to native, but much faster to implement and develop. PWA works on all devices and does not require downloading. It can not imitate all the functions of native applications, but even in most cases it is a better choice than native applications. Learn more

Platform Selection

We know that Magento is not perfect for everyone. If you do not know what to choose: ORO Commerce Sylius, Shopify or other platform, we will help you make the right decision.

UX and Design

User experience is an area that we often hear in the aspect of creating new or improving existing products on the market. In UX, general user experience counts - from the moment the customer hears about the product, up to purchase and use, service, maintenance and updating. Learn more


We like to see how our clients grow. It is possible when all together we try to constantly improve the quality of customer service, business processes, etc. This is not possible without the implementation of new functions and continuous maintenance.

System Integrations

We understand complex systems that make your business work efficiently. We provide integration with these systems, including ERP, PIM, CRM and OMS for easy transition and operation.

Support and SLA Services

We offer support during the entire construction process as well as after delivery of the project. Our team of specialists is available 24/7/365 to answer all your questions and solve all problems.