Magento 1 End Of Life - Migration to Magento 2

It's definitely not easy to make a decision about migration. A lot of online shop owners ask themselves: “Why do I need migration? My store is fine, stable and I have no major problems managing it.”. It is natural that no one wants to invest in migration because for most of store owners it means only: “I’ll pay for what I already have”. That is why we have prepared this site. We will try to explain that there are many possibilities behind the word ”migration”.

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Why it is time to migrate?

End of Magento Support

In June 2020 Magento will stop sharing security patches for the Community and Enterprise versions, leaving your site vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacks. (more here)

Outdated code

Technological debt on your website will grow day by day. In Magento 2 the modernized technology stack allows Developers to create a better and more predictable code.

Lack of developers

Most of them focus on M2, and the development cost per hour will increase, because fewer people will want to work on M1.

Migration Time

Usually, migration takes from 2 to 7 months, so it's really good to start the migration process now to do it properly.

What you can do during the migration?

New Design

This is the best opportunity to refresh your website. During the work Copying an existing layout will be just as time-consuming as creating a new one from scratch.

Improve current functions

If you would like to add new options to an existing function, the best solution is to make it during migration. For example, you can improve fulfilment process, checkout, cart etc.

Replace bad implementations

We know how frustrating integration with third party can be. It is difficult to replace them and that's why many online shop owners have to stick to it. Again, the migration is the best time to remove or replace badly coded integration on your site.

PWA and Omnichannel

It's worth going a step further and connecting all your systems - Omnichannel or just open new possibilities by implementing PWA (Progressive Web App). Not every online store needs both, but for sure we can help you make a decision.

Reduce maintenance time

Magento 1 stores are outdated, and many of them may have a technological debt that is hidden under frequently repeated tasks that require developer's "technical" knowledge or at least knowledge of HTML / CSS. These "tickets" can be rewritten in such a way that the shop owner can do it alone (or his / her team), and even we can automate it. During the rewriting process, optimization is usually possible and you can reduce the server cost or handle much more traffic on the same machine.


Magento 2 advantages

Below you can find list of new features and improvements comparing to Magento 1.

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