Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Application or PWA is an application written in a web language (JavaScript + frameworks), which acts as a native mobile or desktop application: displays notifications, works offline in the background, can use device functions (camera, geolocation, gesture navigation). At the same time, unlike the application, you do not have to download it.

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Most beneficial sectors to use PWA

PWA solutions will work in every industry - from FMCG to news portals, however the most advantages will be visible in the trade related industries - both in B2B and B2C business models. PWA supports the omnichannel path, in which customer often searches for additional product information in the brick-and-mortar store.

PWA can also provide a new quality customer service by sending push notifications directly from the browser to regularly inform the client about invoices to be paid, orders to receive, etc.

PWA changes from a user's perspective

The application written in PWA combines benefits of using the Internet through the browser and through the application. Like the browser, it grants easy access directly from the search engine and does not require additional installation. Just like the application, it allows you to use the native functions of the mobile device such as push notifications, camera, QR or bar codes, geolocation.

Thanks to this functionalities, the user can conveniently browse content, search for information or make a purchase, using a mobile device without requirement to install a dedicated application. The PWA works (completely or partially) offline and when user adds PWA to the main screen of his device, it will take up significantly less space than a traditional mobile application. In addition, all modern mobile and desktop browsers support the technologies used to build the PWA.

PWA Requirements

There is a "Progressive Web Application Checklist" document created by Google, containing requirements that an application must meet in order to be determined as compatible with PWA terms:

  • Regardless of how it is used and on which browser displayed, it should always function correctly.
  • Constant development and continuous improvement.
  • Responsiveness - the application can not cause problems in reception depending on the device on which it is used. It must be compatible with platform - desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops or TVs.
  • Security - the use of the HTTPS protocol is required.
  • It should work in offline mode - in a situation where the device is not connected to the Internet, the application should keep portions of the page and be able to display them correctly. For example, in the case of online stores, providing at least part of the product catalog.
  • Speed - optimized amount of data transferred.
  • Easy sharing - efficient URL forwarding.

Benefits of PWA implementation

The implementation of PWA brings the following benefits:

  • Cost optimization (one team and one technology instead of separate teams for browsers and individual mobile applications)
  • Better results in search engines
  • Faster page loading
  • Easier and cheaper new user acquisition compared to the mobile application
  • Increased user engagement, which results into growth of conversion and decreases the bounce rate
  • Lack of typical problems associated with mobile applications (long deployment and update time, the need to download via a dedicated app store, Apple or Google verification)
  • Integration with any existing (or new) system acting as a data source.

Cost of creating an online store using PWA

The overall cost depends on several factors. First of all, it will depend on the expectations of the website's functioning and the actual level of PWA compatibility. Another thing is the scope of work needed in order to adapt the new elements of the Magento PWA platform to your website.

Professional help is necessary in this case - not just to create a reliable e-commerce solution, but also to plan it in an economical and ergonomic way for the customer. The result will be an online store acting like a mobile application - working not only from the browser level, but also on many other operating systems. The difference is that the creation and maintenance costs such as in the case of programs prepared for smartphones and tablets are completely eliminated . This website will be adapted to the development of PWA and its future modernization. It will be hosted on one platform, not like in mobile applications - on several operating systems. The initial contribution in the Progressive Web App includes not only creating an e-Commerce solution tailored to your needs, but also a foundation for further modernization.

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